Shreveport, LA — Mardi Gras

This weekend was the annual Mardi Gras parade down South. Overall pretty good. With warmer temps came a much larger and more inebriated crowd which lined the 5.5 mile route 10 and 20 deep at times. It's gigs like this that make me proud to be in the army band. And you know, just proud to be an American and serve my country by playing in such a raucous display of humanity.

The Star Wars float. This year's float theme was comic characters, so I'm not real sure how Star Wars fits in there...

The venerable bone section before the parade. Rockin'.

Notice something wrong about this quote? Yeah, it should be "MAY the force be with you." Sheesh. Must be amateur night.

The LSU fans were thick as this dripping-with-SEC-pride float illustrates. For me? Don't much like those Tigers...(see Sugar Bowl '04).

Your typical well loosened LSU fan. I had to be discreet...

Apparently there remain some feelings of distaste for Mr. Saban among the Tiger brethren.

One night we ate at a japanese hibachi place. It was delish. And apparently it was my birthday too. Thanks, guys, I guess Feb. 9 isn't a bad birthday to have. Here's the card I got to commemorate my special day. Being 24 feels a lot like 23.

An attempt at awkward. Give them some time, they're new to the genre.


Girls Gone Wild: the party didn't stop after my return to Norman.

The Good Life

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This lively couple was out and about Norman's nightlife over the weekend. You might recognize them. And I think it's only fair to say they are more than just ON the scene. They ARE the scene. Whew! Killer! See ya next weekend, bra'.

Happy Birthday Carson — 2/02/02



So Sad


Rolling on the Boyd Street drag

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This semester I started working at Boyd Street Magazine as a photo-grapher. Part of my job is to take photos of people "on the scene," around town enjoying Norman's boisterous and raucous nightlife (let me tell you...)

It's odd, but part of me likes taking these photos. Everyone's happy (drunk usually), smiles beaming and, they're just glad to be alive and have me take their picture. It's probably a deep-seated psychological issue I have...initial test results are inconclusive...

But above is a sweet shot I got of some peeps around campus corner. Can you guess which former OU football player that is on the left? You did know he played football, right? Good gravy. I think that much is clear from his displacement. He was listed as 320 lbs on the OU roster back in the day.

So if you're out and about in the P.M. when Norman is hopping, then like OMG, I'll totally see you on the scene!