Wyo's Finest


Sunset on Laramie Peak (elev. 10,000) near Douglas. Oh Sun, how I've missed thee these past months. Welcome back to the northern hemisphere.

Communal living

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Unearthed these oldies recently to much personal enjoyment. Lo, my old dorm room in Gomer Jones House. Obviously the cool RAs have hammocks in their abodes. That increased pedestrian/vagrant traffic in my room by an impressive margin.

And this was the most vile room I ever chanced upon in my dorm tenure. Since I lived in a building mostly composed of athletes, I'll let you guess what sport this room's slacker of a tenant played.

You guessed it: Wrestling. *shudders*

Out on county roads somewheres. This is about as green as things get around here, so I'm told. Gettin' warmer, Mammy!

And I caught this damsel red handed the other night as I idled up to my parking spot. A midnight snack, munching on the neighbor's bushes.

Sorry, Jane. I'm on to you. And don't even try to give me the bambi eyes. Your powers are useless on me...