Colorful Colorado Calls

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Well, here we are in February, Friends, and the blog train has not had many stops at Post Central lately it would appear (we've had a terrible time with our coal suppliers out of Shanghai if you must know). And it seems it might be hit or miss in the coming weeks, too, as I venture to Charlotte for two weeks later this month (more info on this to come) and am starting full-time newspaper work...uh...tomorrow! It's so great to be fully employed, after being at half throttle since October. Like, really. What a blessing. It's the same newspaper, I'll just be writing non-sports stories now too. And getting health benefits tossed in the shopping cart to boot. Most excellent.

I'm looking forward to unfurling the journalistic sails under full time winds for the venerable Tinker Take Off flagship. *breaks leg*

So step the mast and hoist sail, mates! There's wind and work aplenty to catch.

But I won't leave you without a pull on the ol' photographic hip flask. No, no. I wouldn't do that. Just enough to wet the whistle, though. It is a school night. A few from my fam's Colorado ski trip yestermonth. We shacked it in a great cabin family style and had a right go of things in Breckenridge. Some choice RUFers joined us for a wolf pack muster and polar bearin', hot tub action.

And my shoulder still hurts from my yard-sale, full-speed skiing wreck on the mountain. Ski-trip accomplished I suppose.

Till next time...

Colorado morning.

Part of the wolf pack, heading up the mountain: Dinah (from right), Me, Mike, Rachel, Josh. (Photo by The Fatman)