Old School

I perused my archives the other week for Rev. Serven. Something about redoing the RUF web site or some such. But it's the sentimental's wonderland looking through his archives, so I enjoyed it. You'll see a few selects from my efforts. If you don't know what these folks look like presently, I apologize. You probably can't appreciate the then-vs-now shock effect. But regardless, I think a grown man riding a croquet mallet in a stars-and-stripes shirt is pretty entertaining no matter when you jump on the wagon.

Very nice, Doug. Some croquet in my rents' back yard, May '03. Notice Anna on the right.

Super chunk. Anna at RUF's once-and-done (but highly enjoyable) Week in the Word, March '03.

Sir Cal.

Dog walk at my rents' house. Early spring '03, I think. Cal, Russ, and Ruth. And Prince and Molly representing the animal kingdom. Molly's the black one.

There are always overachievers to be had in this life. Mr. Ramsay took the WWJD phrase to new heights, even compromising personal hygiene to LOOK like Jesus too. That's really something...And Thomas just looks the same. (RUF Easter Dinner, spring '06)

And I wouldn't be above reproach without an oldy-moldy of myself. So, here I am with Laura (left) and Mikki at the Pride marching band banquet, January '03. We three marched next to each other in the Rose Bowl parade in LA earlier that month, so we wanted a legit shot too. Good times. My tie is pretty awesome. I think that was the last time I wore it, actually. The antlers and flintlock just weren't the look I was going for.
Just a few more mis amigos. We'll see if this concludes the visual sampling of Roadtrip '08. It's really maddening trying to decide what to show you. I just want to relay this frustration. Though I've got some sweet facebook albums in the works, for those of you of this persuasion. So, more delectable photographics on zee way!

I hope you enjoy these even a bit as much as I do. Just warms the soul, looking over some good times shots. Savor your good times, friends. And your good times photographs. I certainly try.

Boston Common. Sir Washington and his hause.

Curious hands.

Sox fans everywhere up there.

Bike ride on Portland's Peaks Island. The five dollar bike rental represents some of the best spent money of my life.

You are never too old for this.

I wish I did it more often, and at the ocean too.

I'll take a one way, please.

Cousin Reuben's cute Sophia. They live just south of Portland.

Dan: 1, Lobsters: near extinction
they never had a chance, really...

Around Portland.

Healthy ambitions near Hanover.

We rope swunged. I feel like I've been cheated out of an inalienable right my whole life until now. Dropping 35 feet to whoosh out over frigid river water to launch 20 feet in the air at the release is something I'll not soon forget.

Nor will I forget Dan nearly killing himself on his turn. He was unharmed, though he put on a smashing show of acrobatics (an early release and no tucking) and guttural yalping the likes you've not heard. I will laugh about this all the way to my coffin I do believe.

Cleveland and NYC

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With so many pictures in the chest from Roadtrip '08, I had to do some final posting of at least a few of the shots. I think photos are happiest when being lavished with attention. So, here are a few happy photos from Cleveland and NYC. Other posts coming shortly. What with moving to Texas and such, I've been occupied with other more pressing life concerns. I know. Shocking. But I'll do better. Or at least try.

And in the end, we drove 4,000 miles and saw 12 states on the trip. A pretty good sojourn I think. My total state count is at 32.5 now (sorry Puerto Rico). I have the East basically accounted for (except Delaware, D.C., the Virginias and Rhode Island). So, it seems like it's time to go West, young man (or woman). And of course the non-contiguous friends await too. And scenic, clean Guam. But that's for another trip and another day. For now I'm content to be in Ft. Worth, setting up shop on a new life chapter. That is until I go to Arizona with my army band in a week. But that's a different story.

Some photos, for now.

Lake Erie. Very very windy.

My Cleveland peeps. Love those peeps up there...

Lake Erie is clean! Reminds me of the trash compactor scene in Star Wars. "Something just brushed past my leg!"

Milt in Milton, PA.

Relaxing at the Met.

Manhattan skyline from west Queens.

Chinatown, NYC. Glorious.

Cannoli from Umbertos in Little Italy, NYC.

A stop in S. Manhattan.

A man at the Met.

Sunset from Roosevelt Island.

Little Italy.

More Chinatown.


Confronting phobias at the American Natural History Museum. (It didn't work)

Becky breaking rules for the sake of photography!

Grand Central.

The patented pillow-fold technique. Comfort and sun block in one. Also intriguing to passing drivers.

more coming later...

Behold, the Portland Headlight, visible at Cape Elizabeth, Maine. America's oldest lighthouse (c. 1790), commissioned by a one G. Washington himself. We were there a few days and several states ago. See it if you get the chance. Really impressive. And the man in yellow looks stunning, I'd say. Truly a bonus, no?

Cannon Mountain Panoramic


Hiked up here yesterday with friend Julie and Le Dan-O. It's situated in north-central New Hampshire. Visibility was about 80 miles on top. During the winter you can see about 150 miles. See all the way to Canada and New York state. Lots of black bears up there too. Thankfully we only had to take their word for it. All in all some seriously choice scenery.

Boston Town

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I have to say Boston is my fav city so far on Road Trip '08. And it's my favorite by a long shot really. You die hards can keep your swarming Manhattan. Seriously. I'll take a city that's actually accommodating.

So yeah, I'd have to say Boston fits like a glove. Pretty clean, picturesque, historic, sporty people, good public transportation, bike lanes. Everything you could ask for in a metropolitan area really. Oh, and a troupe of decent pro sports clubs, it seems.

So Dan-O and I walked everywhere and back again today. Eating and shooting our way across town. And the Swedes in our hostel are quite amusing. All 42 of them, all boozin' and tight-jeaning it all the way. Euro style.

"Yoo a'here a'wisiting Bosstawn?" they asked.

"Yep, just checking things out, old school. You know," we answered.

And then they gave us some stout G & Ts and whisked us into the clubbing pre-game in progress down the hall. I'd tell you who we met but of course their names never stuck. Ah...the hostel life. It's such a grab bag. Never know what you're gonna get.

Go Red Sox.

We came into town on game night. Beantown is choice.

Harvard Bridge walking toward Cambridge, Mass, across the Charles.

We stumbled upon our second Ivy League campus of the road trip in Cambridge. Dan was a Harvard alum in another life. And weren't we all? Hail, Veritas.

Near H-vard. Bonus points for the birdie.

They seem kinda fanatical about their gates/fence ironworks there at Harvard. Maybe some kind of trust/insecurity issues...

Lamenting my Harvard career that never was in the pervasive and all-telling ivy. Oh, the ivy...

Boston harbor near the North Side.

Ol' Joe sleeping it off.

Boston Commons park.


Duck pic from Dan's perspective.

What I got.

Having a dip in the Charles. Glorious on a steamy New England afternoon.

Transporation on the Charles.

Next stop Uncle Reuben's in Portland, ME. Can you say LOBSTER BAKE?