Behold, the Portland Headlight, visible at Cape Elizabeth, Maine. America's oldest lighthouse (c. 1790), commissioned by a one G. Washington himself. We were there a few days and several states ago. See it if you get the chance. Really impressive. And the man in yellow looks stunning, I'd say. Truly a bonus, no?

3 Responses to 'Portland Headlight Panoramic (w/bonus)'

  • Mikki said...'> 12:02 PM

    A post...after an 18 hour drive. A true blogger. Beauty of a pic!

  • Mikki said...'> 12:02 PM

    oh wait...the post is on the 13th. I'm lame.

  • SoonerZoom said...'> 9:02 PM

    Your comment on Hopkins' blog was spot on. It made me laugh out loud haha