Cleveland and NYC

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With so many pictures in the chest from Roadtrip '08, I had to do some final posting of at least a few of the shots. I think photos are happiest when being lavished with attention. So, here are a few happy photos from Cleveland and NYC. Other posts coming shortly. What with moving to Texas and such, I've been occupied with other more pressing life concerns. I know. Shocking. But I'll do better. Or at least try.

And in the end, we drove 4,000 miles and saw 12 states on the trip. A pretty good sojourn I think. My total state count is at 32.5 now (sorry Puerto Rico). I have the East basically accounted for (except Delaware, D.C., the Virginias and Rhode Island). So, it seems like it's time to go West, young man (or woman). And of course the non-contiguous friends await too. And scenic, clean Guam. But that's for another trip and another day. For now I'm content to be in Ft. Worth, setting up shop on a new life chapter. That is until I go to Arizona with my army band in a week. But that's a different story.

Some photos, for now.

Lake Erie. Very very windy.

My Cleveland peeps. Love those peeps up there...

Lake Erie is clean! Reminds me of the trash compactor scene in Star Wars. "Something just brushed past my leg!"

Milt in Milton, PA.

Relaxing at the Met.

Manhattan skyline from west Queens.

Chinatown, NYC. Glorious.

Cannoli from Umbertos in Little Italy, NYC.

A stop in S. Manhattan.

A man at the Met.

Sunset from Roosevelt Island.

Little Italy.

More Chinatown.


Confronting phobias at the American Natural History Museum. (It didn't work)

Becky breaking rules for the sake of photography!

Grand Central.

The patented pillow-fold technique. Comfort and sun block in one. Also intriguing to passing drivers.

more coming later...

3 Responses to 'Cleveland and NYC'

  • peachesandplums said...'> 1:11 AM

    *drool* never had a canole. are they good?

    whatcha doin' in cowtown btw?

  •'> 9:32 AM

    Awesome! Love the pics! And John, I didn't know you were a man after my own heart - ANYONE who can quote that scene from Star Wars has a special place in my heart! Way to go! Glad you enjoyed the trip!

  • LorHop said...'> 11:00 AM

    I'm so jealous of your trip! I have to say I really love the man at the met photo.