Cannon Mountain Panoramic


Hiked up here yesterday with friend Julie and Le Dan-O. It's situated in north-central New Hampshire. Visibility was about 80 miles on top. During the winter you can see about 150 miles. See all the way to Canada and New York state. Lots of black bears up there too. Thankfully we only had to take their word for it. All in all some seriously choice scenery.

3 Responses to 'Cannon Mountain Panoramic'

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 9:14 PM

    That's AMAZING! I am so going there. I can just picture WW and DD loving that.

    I have to do something for the fact that one's been to Europe and the other won't be doing that!

    When did you get the panorama lens? Love it. Do you like it?

  • tk said...'> 11:24 PM

    Beatifull landscape!

    Where, exactly, is located "Cannon mountain"?

  • thomas said...'> 11:19 AM

    mMm very nice