Milton: more than just a man

We didst pack our belongings and head east from Cleveland, the land of steel and dirty lakes of greatness. Interstate 80 was our playground that day, New Jersey our port of intent.

But lo, what did we find tucked cozily in the Nowheresville Township of the Keystone State? Yes, twas too golden to be believed. An oasis in the highway tree tunnel that is The 80. Yes, it was Milton, Pennsylvania. To prove our mirage theory wrong, we stopped. And I'm so glad we did, cause we ran in to a beloved friend.


And wouldn't you know it. Look who we found in Milton! Turns out Milt spends several weeks a year here, mostly to get away from it all and work on his memoirs. He gladly obliged a photo, of course. I swear he gets more photogenic with each image. But I shouldn't be swearing...

Milton also boasts a nice river view. Plenty of rednecks and cheap cold ones to go around from what we could tell. Milt said he doesn't dabble with the locals much, so don't worry.

And then, as if it weren't enough to behold the town of Milton, we roll down the road and see Danville, Penn. Stop we didn't, but pondered it in our hearts. Certainly there is more than meets the eye in those Keystone corridors.

2 Responses to 'Milton: more than just a man'

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 11:39 AM

    Did you see the great park in Milton? Very beautiful. Makes Okie parks look...dorky.

    And as for Danville, that's where I had my car accident...the one when I was hit by the flying orange traffic barrell? could have gone and seen the site.

    There's also a Johnstown, PA!

  • Mateo said...'> 2:04 PM


    Matt Keiser here - I just saw that you were driving trough my neck of the woods in good 'ole North Central PA...I grew up in Williamsport which is only 25 minutes from should have stopped in Danville, it's a picture perfect town that hasn't lost it's downtown appeal...Sunbury and Lewisburg are probably even more quaint....if on the way back you get a chance stop at Knoebel's Amusment Park in's like a step back in time and you pay by the ride. Peace.