Just a few more mis amigos. We'll see if this concludes the visual sampling of Roadtrip '08. It's really maddening trying to decide what to show you. I just want to relay this frustration. Though I've got some sweet facebook albums in the works, for those of you of this persuasion. So, more delectable photographics on zee way!

I hope you enjoy these even a bit as much as I do. Just warms the soul, looking over some good times shots. Savor your good times, friends. And your good times photographs. I certainly try.

Boston Common. Sir Washington and his hause.

Curious hands.

Sox fans everywhere up there.

Bike ride on Portland's Peaks Island. The five dollar bike rental represents some of the best spent money of my life.

You are never too old for this.

I wish I did it more often, and at the ocean too.

I'll take a one way, please.

Cousin Reuben's cute Sophia. They live just south of Portland.

Dan: 1, Lobsters: near extinction
they never had a chance, really...

Around Portland.

Healthy ambitions near Hanover.

We rope swunged. I feel like I've been cheated out of an inalienable right my whole life until now. Dropping 35 feet to whoosh out over frigid river water to launch 20 feet in the air at the release is something I'll not soon forget.

Nor will I forget Dan nearly killing himself on his turn. He was unharmed, though he put on a smashing show of acrobatics (an early release and no tucking) and guttural yalping the likes you've not heard. I will laugh about this all the way to my coffin I do believe.

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  • Sam Negus said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2008/06/touch-of-boston-alotta-maine-just-dash.html?showComment=1214431380000#c3659036005072772472'> 5:03 PM

    Firstly, you guys are totally stupid for cycling with n helmet on. Secondly, you might find it easier on the frustration-o-meter in the deciding what to show field if you took a few thousand less snaps. But, you're the pro.