Stu Fam Reunion ot ten

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Stuart Fam Reunion went down in usual congregational fashion a few weekends ago. This is only a portion of the whole pack, but we made do in the beautiful Denver scenery and temps. It's great to have a family that values these types of gatherings and spends money and time to make them happen. Certainly a great bunch of folks! Maybe with any luck our progeny will be able to weed out those SteWARTS-ers.

Getting back on the Wagon

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*Ahem* It's always a bit awkward. To say the least. A bit like a neglected friendship that's a crust shy of a pork pie.

Clearly I realize the last post's been in February. Oh, how I realize this. The anguish of keeping yon faithful readers without every intimate detail of my most exotic comings and goings. But, to spare you the copious details of yestermonth, I'll just splash a few photos your way of the last few months, yes? Reader want a photo treat? Good. Good.

So it's been a heckuva summer (add a "dude" to the end of that sentence if you fancy). And as I look toward moving Singapore-side in about two months(!) to begin working for SIM, I couldn't be more blessed in all arenas of life: family, job, friends, a spot of travel here and there. Ehem...romance. Yes, yes. Kind of a big'n, that.

So I think you get the picture. But I think it's a safe gamble to say the ol' blogging buckboard is off the hitchin' post and rolling again. And I'm riding shotgun, friends. That is, more blog posts headed down the prairie pipeline. Keep your bonnets and buckskins peeled.

Wichita Mountains. View from atop Mount Scott.

 More mountains

Lil' G the niece rolled over on the big 1 year old in July. She prefers the shove now chew later method.

 One happy baby.

Fourth of July went off without a loss of life or limb. Or fire. Unintentional fire, that is. Here nephew Joshy awakens his inner pyro with a always-popular, gateway firework - yes that's right...the noble Roman Candle.

And lo, Hannah locked on and didst smite her paper foes. It was the first time she'd fired a gun. Don't have too many of them in Singapore or Australia, see. Hilarious racial profiling moment of the day came when Ken, the range owner standing behind, asked her if she knew martial arts. I did not hold back my smirk. Stereotypes, man. Funny stuff. Was also impressed though when Hannah traded in her .22 for a British military .303 model.

Yours truly locking on the 250 yard target with the Brit .303 model. Was 1 for 2 at that distance on iron sights. Meh.

The Fatman reading a little bedtime story to the nephews, with dramatic inflections. "Face Vader you must, Luke..."  Carson takes a TO to check on the NASCAR haps in the background.

The niece enjoys a cold one on a hot one.

Joshy makes it look easy.

Okie clouds post summer storm.

The end.