Not in Toto anymore, Kansas

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You can expect plenty of shots from Singapore and beyond in the coming years but wanted to whet your Asian whistle with a few quick snaps from the weekend. I arrived just fine last week and will being a'bloggin in earnest. Stay tuned!

I arrived to S'p just in time for the haze. Pretty terrible. It's way worse in Malaysia to the north, even closing down schools and causing a lot of respiratory issues. Indonesia's annual slash and unfortunate endeavor, that.

Just happened upon these locals on the street who took me in. They're pretty great.

Los niños

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A few shots of front yard jollity with the nephews and their little sis. Also occasion to field the new ax. I have to say I like what I see so far! I love driving is so choice...

These little ones will be much bigger the next time I'll see them, so it's good to work in some good times while I can.