a smidge on Advent

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A small bit about the season, in case you're like me and didn't/don't know much about it. To read the full article you can go here.

The word Advent means "coming" or "arrival." The focus of the entire season is the celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ in his First Advent, and the anticipation of the return of Christ the King in his Second Advent. Thus, Advent is far more than simply marking a 2,000 year old event in history. It is celebrating a truth about God, the revelation of God in Christ whereby all of creation might be reconciled to God. That is a process in which we now participate, and the consummation of which we anticipate. Scripture reading for Advent will reflect this emphasis on the Second Advent, including themes of accountability for faithfulness at His coming, judgment on sin, and the hope of eternal life.

One Picture, Two Perspectives

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Straight on.

A different point of view. Photo by Roberto.

Pictures of Pictures


A project I did in which I photographed people, and then took pictures of them with their pictures.

online albums from CR


In case you'd like to see more photos from Costa Rica in an album format.

This one.


This one.


This one too.

Better luck next coach

Well, they lost and we won: OSU and OU, respectively. And it seems Coach Gundy is continuing the tradition of lackluster execution we've all come to enjoy and cherish here in the Sooner Nation.

The day ended surprisingly well. Saw this sunset right about the time OU was making a killer three-down goal-line stand against the Pokes. Poor Cowboys. So many players. So little talent.

The "greatest band in the land" at pre-game. And they sported their new all-red uniforms that they debuted at the Macy's Parade last week. I think it's a change for the better, but maybe you have to have been a Pride band nerd to appreciate the new threads.

Singing the Chant.

The Schooner doing its usual P. & Circumstance. This was the last game that the current ponies will pull the wagon. Next season they'll have new mini ponies to haul the cart around. The guy who was sitting behind me at the game is in charge of driving the ponies to the games. He said the new ones cost $7k each. But I'm sure our deep pocketed leader, DB, will find the funds necessary to get the new steeds on the payroll. Just maybe.

U-S-O. Spelling is a non-issue in Stillwater, I suppose.

That's better.

A cold and yet supportive patron. Sadly I have no cold weather OU gear. Had to wear my Derby County Rams hat, which is sort of like OU, only the Rams are a British-based soccer team that can't win (this season at least).

The post-game Sooner Magic hung thick in the air.

What you like to see. The new high-def screens and firework stations at both end zones is a bonus too. And at least now I know it's not MY tuiton money paying for that crap.

Next stop San Antonio. We beat the Tigers once. Don't see why a repeat W is unlikely.

Season's Greetings

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The months of the year come and go. Inexorably they traipse onward, chronologically and unwaivering. And with the months come holidays and societal celebrations and birthdays and anniversaries and all manner of events for reflection and worship.

But for a number of the world's populace, there exists a certain set of months that hold distinct promise and reason for thanksgiving. I'm talking about the people in blaze orange and camouflage (no, not OSU fans, though I understand the confusion). I'm talking about the men and women in tree stands and blinds, purposefully exiled to the fringes of establishment with the sole purpose of "bagging" creatures.

I'm talking about deer hunters. And so it is that the season is upon us here in North America, come blaze orange clothing shortages or firearm mishaps.

And for one such patron of the wild, a roamer of the plains — the Stealthy Leopard, if you will — the deery season brought with it some pleasing fortune if not a rack of antlers as well.

But first, you'll see the Stealthy Leopard practicing his craft in the back yard of Anytown, USA, to the concern of several neighborly passersby.

20 yards. Aim for the vitals. The 'Leopard's instrument is tuned to hurtle the projectile at nearly 300 feet per second.

The older brother Leopard takes his mark. He is calm and collected and feeling instead of thinking, just like Obi-Wan prescribes.

Success. The Leopard spryly pulls his points from the foamish counterfeit. He is ready for the woods of reality.

The prize. The Leopard's trophy taken in western Oklahoma (and with a Boomstick instead of the Long Bow). The townsfolk will eat heartily for many moons this fall season. Well done, hunter and gatherer.

There and back Again

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Made it safely back to the OK today. Quite strange to be suddenly here after being in the 'Rica for these months. Kind of like everything's different here. But it's not really everything that's different...it's me who is different. Or seeing things in a new way at least. I think it's kind of like on the Matrix: "...it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself..." I don't know. Something like that. I'm still processing. Here are a few things.

Mid West sunset from 30,000 feet.

In case you forgot where you landed, this is here to help you out. HELLO! But you have to appreciate those Texans' zeal. Or do you?

Typical CR layout.

Mid West suburb norm. Hmm. A bit different.

Jumbo-sized. Makes San Jose's Pista look like a Go Kart track. And this one has fewer holes I'm guessing, too.

Hiking to the Cross

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'Tonio and I hiked up a mountain this morning. It's near San Jose and in a place called Alajualita. You might remember this as the place where I was robbed back in October. So, lots of memories. Thankfully there were no repeats of thieving greatness today though, and we enjoyed a crisp if not blustery day on the CR mountain side.

San Jose valley panoramic.

Antonio using all his senses to absorb the scenery.

It was RATHER wet. Not much rain, but lots of mist and a sodden path.

The "I'm cold" pose. I guess...

The first cross, farther down the mountain. There are three dispersed on the trail.

Cross at the top. The sights from the summit were spectacular. Sadly, the clouds were too. But what can you do. That's hiking in the rainy season.

Big man. Big cross.



More SJ

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Downtown mural.

'Cruiser tow-truck.

Pay phone.



Siblings. Look at those chubby knees!

Bath time.

Shenanigans on the Bridge of Uncertainty.

Maycol, Manuelito and Roberto (L to R).

Moises displays his craft.

Selenia too.

Brock and Antonio retell David and Goliath. I think they were cast pretty well.

Friday in the S.J.


Bus and peds.

Banco Popular.

Museo Nacional and a lonely amphitheater.

Strike up the band.

Wong's Chinese Restaurant. Always a classic no matter what country you're in.

Sitting in Traffic at 5 o'clock






Neighborhood art.

Screen door.

Fun at others' expense.