There and back Again

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Made it safely back to the OK today. Quite strange to be suddenly here after being in the 'Rica for these months. Kind of like everything's different here. But it's not really everything that's's me who is different. Or seeing things in a new way at least. I think it's kind of like on the Matrix: " is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself..." I don't know. Something like that. I'm still processing. Here are a few things.

Mid West sunset from 30,000 feet.

In case you forgot where you landed, this is here to help you out. HELLO! But you have to appreciate those Texans' zeal. Or do you?

Typical CR layout.

Mid West suburb norm. Hmm. A bit different.

Jumbo-sized. Makes San Jose's Pista look like a Go Kart track. And this one has fewer holes I'm guessing, too.

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  •'> 6:08 AM

    welcome "home" - although now that's a matter of perspective, I'm thinking. It was sure nice getting to know you, brief though it was. I'm excited to see what God has planned for you. Maybe will see you in Costa Rica again, or in the 'nother region of Honduras! God Bless - Erin

  • Rhonda said...'> 8:10 PM

    !Que Triste! Oh, I miss you and it's not even Thursday yet. So sad, but good I guess. I hope your having fun back in the States. You know it's not too early to start planning a short trip to visit your favorite missionaries. We definitely have to keep in touch, ya know if it comes down to it, OK and TX are pretty stinkin close to each other. Take care Gringo Juan, we'll miss you!

  • SoonerZoom said...'> 9:47 PM

    I believe the line is "...remember, there is no spoon."