Better luck next coach

Well, they lost and we won: OSU and OU, respectively. And it seems Coach Gundy is continuing the tradition of lackluster execution we've all come to enjoy and cherish here in the Sooner Nation.

The day ended surprisingly well. Saw this sunset right about the time OU was making a killer three-down goal-line stand against the Pokes. Poor Cowboys. So many players. So little talent.

The "greatest band in the land" at pre-game. And they sported their new all-red uniforms that they debuted at the Macy's Parade last week. I think it's a change for the better, but maybe you have to have been a Pride band nerd to appreciate the new threads.

Singing the Chant.

The Schooner doing its usual P. & Circumstance. This was the last game that the current ponies will pull the wagon. Next season they'll have new mini ponies to haul the cart around. The guy who was sitting behind me at the game is in charge of driving the ponies to the games. He said the new ones cost $7k each. But I'm sure our deep pocketed leader, DB, will find the funds necessary to get the new steeds on the payroll. Just maybe.

U-S-O. Spelling is a non-issue in Stillwater, I suppose.

That's better.

A cold and yet supportive patron. Sadly I have no cold weather OU gear. Had to wear my Derby County Rams hat, which is sort of like OU, only the Rams are a British-based soccer team that can't win (this season at least).

The post-game Sooner Magic hung thick in the air.

What you like to see. The new high-def screens and firework stations at both end zones is a bonus too. And at least now I know it's not MY tuiton money paying for that crap.

Next stop San Antonio. We beat the Tigers once. Don't see why a repeat W is unlikely.

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