Goodbye to an old friend


A quick handshake and the passing of 16 crisp Benjamins was the quiet ending to my seven-year era of 4Runnership. It all started my sophomore year at Norman North High when I was into such "manly" and macho things as big knobby tires and off-roading adventures. And thus I purchased the '85 4Runner that has been my main source of transportation for these years.

But now here I am — older, wiser, less manly and more economical in my vehicular desires. And what was cool in high school is well, NOT anymore.

So yeah, I sold the Beast. I had a lot of memories in that rig, but dang, I'm glad it's gone.


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So I took some engagement shots of Mikki and Joe on Friday. The weather was stunning, their wedding approaching (March 24!) and my body why not? We went over to campus and had a good ol' time striking engineered poses and holding conjured grins. Well, I didn't do too much of that part. I just pushed buttons on my camera and gave non-specific model cues (cause I really have no idea what looks good or what I want out of a project of this genre).

" move that way a little and kinda look over there like you like each other..."

It seems there's more to this business of producing a posed picture that doesn't look like a posed picture than I thought.

But really, what's a photo shoot without some style? I had the most fun taking these pics, cause you don't want to take this genre too seriously. And that's the honest truth. Honest like a diamond ring...

The natural shot.

The pondering shot: "Oh honey, look at that highly interesting object of conversation looming on the horizon."

The shadow shot. Peter Pan style.

The crushed-by-a-giant-hand-from-the-sky shot. They narrowly escaped with their lives.

The pilates shot. Cause every marriage needs some wholesome recreation.

The rock star shot. Cause the typical engagement shots can get pretty dull.

All aboard the Orient Express

Some of you know the illustrious D. Ling. But if you don't, I'll tell you that he's from the glorious city/state of Singapore. Now if you're like I was before meeting Mr. Ling, then you have no idea where Singapore (aka the 'Lion City') is or the goings on in this former British colony.

And while I probably should avoid using the word 'Orient,' as of yesterday morning, with a purchase of a plane ticket, I'll for sure be venturing deep into this Asian territory come June.

I will board a total of four planes and travel the roughly 20,000 miles (round trip) for what I hope will be an epic venture into the native life of a good friend and a foreign culture.

So cheers to the Lion City and the time at which I too can partake of its sights, sounds and tastes.


Out with Old — In with New

The United States Army is in the process of implementing a new camouflage-based uniform. This process of replacing the old uniforms began in November 2005 and is to be completed by no later than summer 2007.

Strangely, my fellow army bandsmen and I were put on the list of less-than-important personnel who were to receive the new uniforms. We could only take offense as our fellow army brothers and sisters serving abroad on dangerous and asundry assignments received their uniforms in a speedier fashion.

I ask you, is the army band not doing its job against the global war on terror? Does our playing of marches and ceremonial jigs not constitute a worthy enough calling to grant us rapid delivery of new camo duds?

Obviously NOT.

And thus we got our new uniforms back in December. So here she is. The Army Combat Uniform. Sadly the army higher-ups decided to keep the beret as part of the new look. Seriously. Berets? You do the math.

The old rags: The BDU (Battle Dress Uniform).

The new robes of war: The ACU (Army Combat Uniform).

D. Serven, this one is for you.
My fam is in Steamboat Springs this week. The cabin we rented is north of Steamboat about 20 miles in Clark, Colo. It's only 30 miles from Wyoming in the middle of nowhere. This is good and bad. But the stars pop, the Aspens tower and the powder surrounding the cabin is unadulterated except for the trails we've made.

Some fotos:

The enemy forces have targeted the lower officers and are working their way to the top in an attempted school spirit coup.

Sunset on northern Colorado.

Riding the gondola to the top.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Aaron and Carson shredding the mountain.

Me and the bro on Steamboat's Sunset Express. The last time I skiied with Aaron I was in middle school. This time I dominated, even though he'll tell you he was tired from boarding the previous day.

The hot tub outside our cabin is heavenly. But snow heaped upon its inhabitants while they simmmer in the steamy waters is not. The box of snow deposited upon my exposed upper frame was unexpected and breathtakingly cold.

Dear older siblings, why don't you learn? Payback comes swiftly and ten fold. I am avenged!

RUF Breck W. Conf. '07

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The OU RUF posse doing awkward. Not sure if my gimmick counts as awkward or something else...

Breckenridge sunset.

The Mexican Train was up and running.

Perhaps the greatest store in the West.

Mountain Woman.

Mr. Loeffler clearing the 'Burban's windows on the morning we left Breck. The snow was abundant.

Outside the condo.

This is what we drove through on Friday morning to get out of the 'Ridge. Thanks Jeff and Tim and Doug for driving. I wouldn't have wanted to...