All aboard the Orient Express

Some of you know the illustrious D. Ling. But if you don't, I'll tell you that he's from the glorious city/state of Singapore. Now if you're like I was before meeting Mr. Ling, then you have no idea where Singapore (aka the 'Lion City') is or the goings on in this former British colony.

And while I probably should avoid using the word 'Orient,' as of yesterday morning, with a purchase of a plane ticket, I'll for sure be venturing deep into this Asian territory come June.

I will board a total of four planes and travel the roughly 20,000 miles (round trip) for what I hope will be an epic venture into the native life of a good friend and a foreign culture.

So cheers to the Lion City and the time at which I too can partake of its sights, sounds and tastes.


2 Responses to 'All aboard the Orient Express'

  • Brittany said...'> 1:20 PM

    I'll definitely have to take my other bf to Graham and Natalie's wedding.

  • illustrious Dan Ling said...'> 10:43 PM

    hoho, it's gonna be such a blast, you won't even know what hit you.