Goodbye to an old friend


A quick handshake and the passing of 16 crisp Benjamins was the quiet ending to my seven-year era of 4Runnership. It all started my sophomore year at Norman North High when I was into such "manly" and macho things as big knobby tires and off-roading adventures. And thus I purchased the '85 4Runner that has been my main source of transportation for these years.

But now here I am — older, wiser, less manly and more economical in my vehicular desires. And what was cool in high school is well, NOT anymore.

So yeah, I sold the Beast. I had a lot of memories in that rig, but dang, I'm glad it's gone.

2 Responses to 'Goodbye to an old friend'

  • Anonymous said...'> 8:29 PM

    thus the sun sets on another first car.

  • John Stuart said...'> 12:41 AM

    Dear Anonymous,

    This was actually my second vehicle.

    My first was an '85 Jeep CJ-7. Also red. Also a good vehicle...