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So I took some engagement shots of Mikki and Joe on Friday. The weather was stunning, their wedding approaching (March 24!) and my body why not? We went over to campus and had a good ol' time striking engineered poses and holding conjured grins. Well, I didn't do too much of that part. I just pushed buttons on my camera and gave non-specific model cues (cause I really have no idea what looks good or what I want out of a project of this genre).

" move that way a little and kinda look over there like you like each other..."

It seems there's more to this business of producing a posed picture that doesn't look like a posed picture than I thought.

But really, what's a photo shoot without some style? I had the most fun taking these pics, cause you don't want to take this genre too seriously. And that's the honest truth. Honest like a diamond ring...

The natural shot.

The pondering shot: "Oh honey, look at that highly interesting object of conversation looming on the horizon."

The shadow shot. Peter Pan style.

The crushed-by-a-giant-hand-from-the-sky shot. They narrowly escaped with their lives.

The pilates shot. Cause every marriage needs some wholesome recreation.

The rock star shot. Cause the typical engagement shots can get pretty dull.

2 Responses to 'CHEEEEESE!!!!!'

  • Laura said...'> 9:31 PM

    Aw... my little chubby Mikki, all grown up! *sniff*

  • jules said...'> 3:36 PM

    good pics chubby!