My fam is in Steamboat Springs this week. The cabin we rented is north of Steamboat about 20 miles in Clark, Colo. It's only 30 miles from Wyoming in the middle of nowhere. This is good and bad. But the stars pop, the Aspens tower and the powder surrounding the cabin is unadulterated except for the trails we've made.

Some fotos:

The enemy forces have targeted the lower officers and are working their way to the top in an attempted school spirit coup.

Sunset on northern Colorado.

Riding the gondola to the top.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Aaron and Carson shredding the mountain.

Me and the bro on Steamboat's Sunset Express. The last time I skiied with Aaron I was in middle school. This time I dominated, even though he'll tell you he was tired from boarding the previous day.

The hot tub outside our cabin is heavenly. But snow heaped upon its inhabitants while they simmmer in the steamy waters is not. The box of snow deposited upon my exposed upper frame was unexpected and breathtakingly cold.

Dear older siblings, why don't you learn? Payback comes swiftly and ten fold. I am avenged!

2 Responses to 'I guess there's a water formation that resembles a Steamboat?'

  • Laura Negus said...'> 8:02 AM

    more fotos!

  • Anonymous said...'> 10:44 AM

    wish i could have seen those stars...:)