...Two for the Show...

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Majulah, Singadina!

Rule, Bridania!

Fort Worth

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Well, the currents of life seem to be ebbing aplenty these days. And flowing too. And as I find myself on the precipice of some life direction decisions (LDDs), it seems one is mostly settled. That is, it looks like Ft. Worth will be home starting sometime this summer and lasting for an undetermined amount of time.

I visited sister Laura down there the other week. She and the bro-in-law call FoWo home you see. But from what I gathered, it seems to be a lovely place on many levels. And as good as Oklahoma has been to me, I feel a change of locales will be good in a lot of ways. And yeah, I never fancied myself to be a Texas resident (and don't worry, I'll not succumb to the asinine Lone Star hubris). But stranger things have happened, no?

Sister Laura on our delightful riding tour.

Main Street.

Cool gov't building.

Downtown out the window.

I'll probably go to this church. St. Andrews. Quite a lovely service, community and sanctuary. I'm feeling a return to my choir-boy high school roots coming on. Bass section beware. They have an organ too. Boss.

Chubby Laura, taking it to the streets.

Trinity River bike trails. Tens of miles of picturesque riding terrain. Solid.

Rolling on the river.

Bass Theater downtown. Live orchestral events aplenty.

Oh, and the sis/bro-in-law have a bunny too. The Count. He's a Flemish Giant. If you were made entirely of parsley he could eat you in five minutes.

Glass (Gloss) Mountains

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Northern Oklahoma is home to some majestic mesas. Bet you didn't know that. They're called the Glass Mountains. But then they're also called the Gloss Mountains. Seems people are kind of confused. Even the cartographers. But there they are, up near sprawling Enid, Oklahoma, glassing and glossing away.

And so I fancied upon these flat-top skyline gems the other week, a spontaneous Saturday drive. And while their name is a lie (true mountains they're not), they are glassy. And glossy too!, incidentally. Mostly on account of the gypsum running through their veins.

In settlement days, the pioneers called them the glittering hills and used the shiny pebbles as good luck charms. The stones are said to have healing powers among the Native Americans as well.

Well, okay, not really. I made all that up. But the glimmering rocks are kinda cool looking.

So. Yeah. Lo. A panoramic of the glassing-glossing "mountains" of Northern Oklahoma. Here's to spontaneous Saturday drives.

Christian Quippery

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Identified Flying Object

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Frisbee time at Buchanan field near Boyd Street. This guy shoulda laid out for it. He didn't. Lame.


Sorry for the interrupt in quality blog action, my friends and cohorts. Ol' Lap T. Op was down for the count last week, and having a real job kinda takes away from web log time these days. I KNOW. Lame, eh? I'm pretty sure Adam's employers gave him time off in the garden for his blogging needs pre-Fall. Part of the Edenic Covenant's fine print no doubt.

In a perfect world. In a perfect world...

Oral Surgery - the final chapter


Well, my implant is firmly in place, thus closing what has been a three year oral beating. And as it was April '05 that I got my braces on to start this joyride, so this venture ends in April '08 with my tooth implant surgery.

But if you'll let me, I'd like to share the most memorable highlights of the implant surgery with you:

1) Shots in the gums (always a classic. especially if you fear needles like The Plague).

2) A 10mm hole drilled into my jaw bone (the jarring, grinding sensation of a tiny drill bit boring into your jaw bone is truly sensational, if not uniquely disturbing).

3) A titanium peg implant being literally ratcheted - with a nifty micro medical ratchet - into the aforementioned jaw bone hole (the ratchet even made the little clicky noises on the backstroke).

4) Losing consciousness (in full faint mode) while walking out of the O.R. post-surgery and then waking up seconds later to find Joe MouthDoctor cradling my upper body/head (thus preventing a crumple-to-the-floor fiasco) and all the nurses huddled around staring.

So, yeah. Such good momentos, no?. I'm just glad it's over. Sweet mother of dental infirmities! But if I hear the words "Oral" and "Surgery" again in reference to my own mouth, then you're just gonna have to cock the hammer back and blow me away right there. No way in Hades am I going through that again. Just...No.

note: the above photo is an actual x-ray of my shiny new, titanium alloy implant. shazam! Joe MouthDoctor was nice enough to email me the photo. what a guy. quite brawny, too, from what i gathered during our special moment of the faint-prevention embrace.

My Peeps

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These lovelies hopped in to town this week for an unexpected visit. Four days of driving from LA for two point five days in Norman. That's a lot of driving. But great to see ya'll. Next time I'm passing through Cali, you can expect a visit.

Dave's sporting the vaguely reminiscent "Sweeney Todd Look" these days.

Not overly close, but somewhat amusing, no? I guess that's what living in LA will do to you...

Happy Birthday (Berthday)!


All-but-sister, Tami, celebrated her day of birth on Friday. So, we celebrated with her. Smashing! Nephew Carson made her a card. "Have a barking berthday." Barking indeed. Happy B-day, T. Here's to the start of a fresh year.

B-ville, up top

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Photographing pulled me northeast-ward to Bartlesville this week. As is the case lately, I see the sun rise and set (this means I wake up early often. yeah, i know. BEFORE the sun's up. pretty nutso. and unfortunately it means i don't sleep a great deal). But all that to say here's our solar body lifting its bulk over the table-top skyline as seen from B-ville's main drag.

Oh, and Milt was on official business this week in Bartlesville, too, incidentally. We met up for lunch and a quick photo opp on the way out of town. Oh, Milt. Love that guy. Though I'm beginning to think he doesn't have a real job, but only vagabonds hither and yon to sundry armpits and main attraction locales. Hmm...
In any case, great photo, sir. It's been too long. Don't be such a stranger. Certainly you and your threading bounty are a light to many. Don't hide that light under a bushel. No. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine...

Photo of the Week

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Sometimes the pre-school photog gig yields interesting tid bits. This kid won his metallic showpiece in a roping contest in Nowata, Oklahoma. He's four years old.