Identified Flying Object

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Frisbee time at Buchanan field near Boyd Street. This guy shoulda laid out for it. He didn't. Lame.


Sorry for the interrupt in quality blog action, my friends and cohorts. Ol' Lap T. Op was down for the count last week, and having a real job kinda takes away from web log time these days. I KNOW. Lame, eh? I'm pretty sure Adam's employers gave him time off in the garden for his blogging needs pre-Fall. Part of the Edenic Covenant's fine print no doubt.

In a perfect world. In a perfect world...

2 Responses to 'Identified Flying Object'

  • schupack said...'> 12:19 AM

    filler post

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 9:53 PM


    Let your fillings be fat...lotsa cream and butter...otherwise it's a filling o nothing. See also: nihilistic filling, crap food, cake regret, and Adam sucking on a coconut.

    Every once in awhile I wonder, "Man, what would Lala do?" and then I scoff at the insanity of such a random thought, push the greasy, long hairs out of my eyes, and get back on the ole skateboard of life.