B-ville, up top

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Photographing pulled me northeast-ward to Bartlesville this week. As is the case lately, I see the sun rise and set (this means I wake up early often. yeah, i know. BEFORE the sun's up. pretty nutso. and unfortunately it means i don't sleep a great deal). But all that to say here's our solar body lifting its bulk over the table-top skyline as seen from B-ville's main drag.

Oh, and Milt was on official business this week in Bartlesville, too, incidentally. We met up for lunch and a quick photo opp on the way out of town. Oh, Milt. Love that guy. Though I'm beginning to think he doesn't have a real job, but only vagabonds hither and yon to sundry armpits and main attraction locales. Hmm...
In any case, great photo, sir. It's been too long. Don't be such a stranger. Certainly you and your threading bounty are a light to many. Don't hide that light under a bushel. No. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine...

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