Fort Worth

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Well, the currents of life seem to be ebbing aplenty these days. And flowing too. And as I find myself on the precipice of some life direction decisions (LDDs), it seems one is mostly settled. That is, it looks like Ft. Worth will be home starting sometime this summer and lasting for an undetermined amount of time.

I visited sister Laura down there the other week. She and the bro-in-law call FoWo home you see. But from what I gathered, it seems to be a lovely place on many levels. And as good as Oklahoma has been to me, I feel a change of locales will be good in a lot of ways. And yeah, I never fancied myself to be a Texas resident (and don't worry, I'll not succumb to the asinine Lone Star hubris). But stranger things have happened, no?

Sister Laura on our delightful riding tour.

Main Street.

Cool gov't building.

Downtown out the window.

I'll probably go to this church. St. Andrews. Quite a lovely service, community and sanctuary. I'm feeling a return to my choir-boy high school roots coming on. Bass section beware. They have an organ too. Boss.

Chubby Laura, taking it to the streets.

Trinity River bike trails. Tens of miles of picturesque riding terrain. Solid.

Rolling on the river.

Bass Theater downtown. Live orchestral events aplenty.

Oh, and the sis/bro-in-law have a bunny too. The Count. He's a Flemish Giant. If you were made entirely of parsley he could eat you in five minutes.

3 Responses to 'Fort Worth'

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 9:09 PM

    Woh, the Count has gotten huge! Giant, indeed.

    He puts Wonder's ears to shame.

    Is trained?

  • Sam Negus said...'> 4:43 AM

    He is indeed.
    And,100% raw food diet. No dead enzimes. That's what gives him the wistful gait.

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 7:16 PM

    One of the few I've seen that make vegetarianism look healthy. Must have been made for it, wot?

    Do you have to cultivate his grass and veg or does he do his own scavengering?

    You must see Jean de Florette. You'd appreciate it (though it is in the tongue of the gods).