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Carving, Pumpkin

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The lovely and hospitable Shooks invited a host of folk to the house on Thursday evening. Delicious sweeties, warm salty pumpkin seeds, quality conversation ("...your pumpkin looks like a butt, dude...") and of course — carveage. And I'm not talking turkeys.

Here Dan displays great care in selecting a proper canvas as the medium upon which he will compose his squashy symphony.

The Pumpkin Whisperer.

Sam finds the muddy, bottom-of-the barrel reject — and likes it.

Ben browses for a winner.

The moment of inspiration. I know what I must do.

And I did it — for a friend.

Perhaps the best pumpkin I've ever sunk a knife into in my life.

Sunrise in Suburbia


Keller, TX.

random posts to follow...

Will consider paying to have chairs removed from premises.

A bum in Paris near Notre Dame.

A pidgeon man in Paris, also near N.D.

Vehicle of Recreation

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Happy campers out at majestic (and nearly dried up) Lake Thunderbird.

D. Serven, folks. Mullet sold seperately.


Basic Training revisited

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This is one of the few photos I have from basic training. This is up in the "bay" area where we slept, got woken up at 0430 hrs each morning and cleaned like banshees. The guy without the shirt is Spight. He was from Chattanooga and his job was in construction (a.k.a. PLEASE SEND ME TO IRAQ!). Road surface repair was his specialty, I think. Last I heard he got shipped out. That was back in '04 though.

It's odd to think about what some of those guys are doing now. There's a good chance some of them could be dead, especially those with riskier lines of work than say an army bandsman.

A few things to notice: The boots and shoes lined up neatly on top of the wall locker. The PT uniforms hung crisply with red jerseys over them. And notice the piece of red tape on the bed frame rail. The top blanket covering the pillow had to line up with the tape. And any infractions on these requirements?

"Push, privates!"

I think back to that summer in '03 and wonder if it really happened. Did I really do all that crap?

Currently, the army is offering $1,000 bonuses for soldiers who get new people to enlist. That's pretty cushy, but I don't know if I'd really encourage people to be in the military.

But hey, if you're dead set on joining up, lemme know. I'l split the cash with you. And I'll write you letters at basic training...


Oklahoma's finest.

This is Anthony. He is fireproof.

There's nothing better...

photo by B.L.

Ol' D. Ling didn't make it past 10:30. Fortunately, he got a second wind shortly after this, sustaining him till close to 11:45.

photo by B.L.

photo by B.L.

Nothing quite like the morning time after sleeping in the cold air on the stone-like terra firma.

J. Campos and A-dawg. Campos is an eagle scout. And we all thought having the word "camp" in his last name made for a good fit with the excursion.

Morning lethargy.


The gang.

Elements of the Devil's university

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Click and listen. It's short.


Mediocrity's Finest

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The suicide watch is on in Norman.

The big 'D' is for debacle

Of course we know this weekend is the biggest football game west of the Mississipp.

It's in the Big D. And there are two historic teams.

One team is good. Great. Timeless.

The other team is the root of nearly all evil.

(If you were my brother-in-law, you would say that the Auburn Tigers account for the other evil presence in the world.)

But once again I, like thousands of others, will be making the trip south to document the epic clash.

I will park in the cushy media lot and take photos from the sidelines.

And looking back, I'm quite thankful for the OU-saxeT opportunities I've had.

With my presence at Saturday's game, I will have attended four of five Red River Rivalries during my collegiate career.

And more beautifully, I've never paid a dime for tickets. Or food. Or transportation.

Thank you, Pride of Oklahoma and Sooner Yearbook.

So I'll leave you with a few shots of what we don't what to repeat from last year. Because last year was a big D.

D for debacle.

May the best (and less evil) team win.


Riding a Big Bike


The OU yearbook is doing a story about transportation. We interviewed one student, Sam who makes bikes.

He has built numerous two-wheelers, and some of his homemade creations are pretty sweet.

I think it's every guy's dream...somewhere deep down...to have a really big bike.

So, I took this guy's picture and then, to my delight, he asked me to ride the smaller of his two hogs — I wasn't ready for the really big one.

And he was polite enough to take some pictures of me when I asked, though I was hesitant to hand over the $6,000 yearbook camera. I figured if he tried to run off I could probably catch him. I was on his bike, afterall.

Starting out is a touch tricky. You have to push off and coast a bit while swinging your leg over. But once you're rolling it's easy, and quite invigorating. I bet it's a big chick magnet, too.

Good times. I like bikes.


You may remember that back in May I had a little spill on my bike. A nasty railroad crossing brought me down hard on the pavement at the corner of Jenkins and Eufala. I was going about 20 mph.

Here are some pics of the carnage, documenting my wounds as seen directly after the wreck and as they appear now, some five months later.

Ouch! This is why we wear helmets, kids. I was not wearing mine at the time of the wreck.


So sad...I ripped a pair of my favorite shorts. My cell phone was in the right pocket at the time of the crash, and tore a hole in both the pocket and the shorts.

But no worries, I still wear the shorts. Now, if you see me wearing the shorts, you know the story.


There's some definite scarring. I'm afraid I'm a picker which doesn't help.

I put on the same shirt for continuity.


New addition to the family

My oldest sis, Dinah got a new bike last week. I'm happy for her. From one bike enthuz to a blossoming other, congratulations. We'll have to go for a ride, Chubbs.