Riding a Big Bike


The OU yearbook is doing a story about transportation. We interviewed one student, Sam who makes bikes.

He has built numerous two-wheelers, and some of his homemade creations are pretty sweet.

I think it's every guy's dream...somewhere deep down...to have a really big bike.

So, I took this guy's picture and then, to my delight, he asked me to ride the smaller of his two hogs — I wasn't ready for the really big one.

And he was polite enough to take some pictures of me when I asked, though I was hesitant to hand over the $6,000 yearbook camera. I figured if he tried to run off I could probably catch him. I was on his bike, afterall.

Starting out is a touch tricky. You have to push off and coast a bit while swinging your leg over. But once you're rolling it's easy, and quite invigorating. I bet it's a big chick magnet, too.

Good times. I like bikes.

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