You may remember that back in May I had a little spill on my bike. A nasty railroad crossing brought me down hard on the pavement at the corner of Jenkins and Eufala. I was going about 20 mph.

Here are some pics of the carnage, documenting my wounds as seen directly after the wreck and as they appear now, some five months later.

Ouch! This is why we wear helmets, kids. I was not wearing mine at the time of the wreck.


So sad...I ripped a pair of my favorite shorts. My cell phone was in the right pocket at the time of the crash, and tore a hole in both the pocket and the shorts.

But no worries, I still wear the shorts. Now, if you see me wearing the shorts, you know the story.


There's some definite scarring. I'm afraid I'm a picker which doesn't help.

I put on the same shirt for continuity.


3 Responses to 'Scarred'

  • Laura Negus said...'> 10:44 PM

    Chubby, its like if you only wear the helmet for "rides" and not on your every-day commute to school, etc. its like, what is the point, seriously! You can just clip it to your backpack when you are not on your bike! Its like 20 miles/month versus about 250. You do the odds.

  • Mikki said...'> 5:43 PM

    You mean, your girth and rolls a didn't cushion the fall? Chubby....have you been losing weight? I'm bringing twinkies over right this instant!

  • Aaron Stuart said...'> 12:35 AM

    I like the way you are denoting the fact that that the bulge is your phone in your pocket.

    No helmet = freewheeling lifestyle.