Basic Training revisited

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This is one of the few photos I have from basic training. This is up in the "bay" area where we slept, got woken up at 0430 hrs each morning and cleaned like banshees. The guy without the shirt is Spight. He was from Chattanooga and his job was in construction (a.k.a. PLEASE SEND ME TO IRAQ!). Road surface repair was his specialty, I think. Last I heard he got shipped out. That was back in '04 though.

It's odd to think about what some of those guys are doing now. There's a good chance some of them could be dead, especially those with riskier lines of work than say an army bandsman.

A few things to notice: The boots and shoes lined up neatly on top of the wall locker. The PT uniforms hung crisply with red jerseys over them. And notice the piece of red tape on the bed frame rail. The top blanket covering the pillow had to line up with the tape. And any infractions on these requirements?

"Push, privates!"

I think back to that summer in '03 and wonder if it really happened. Did I really do all that crap?

Currently, the army is offering $1,000 bonuses for soldiers who get new people to enlist. That's pretty cushy, but I don't know if I'd really encourage people to be in the military.

But hey, if you're dead set on joining up, lemme know. I'l split the cash with you. And I'll write you letters at basic training...

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    p-p-push it. ~Jimmy