The big 'D' is for debacle

Of course we know this weekend is the biggest football game west of the Mississipp.

It's in the Big D. And there are two historic teams.

One team is good. Great. Timeless.

The other team is the root of nearly all evil.

(If you were my brother-in-law, you would say that the Auburn Tigers account for the other evil presence in the world.)

But once again I, like thousands of others, will be making the trip south to document the epic clash.

I will park in the cushy media lot and take photos from the sidelines.

And looking back, I'm quite thankful for the OU-saxeT opportunities I've had.

With my presence at Saturday's game, I will have attended four of five Red River Rivalries during my collegiate career.

And more beautifully, I've never paid a dime for tickets. Or food. Or transportation.

Thank you, Pride of Oklahoma and Sooner Yearbook.

So I'll leave you with a few shots of what we don't what to repeat from last year. Because last year was a big D.

D for debacle.

May the best (and less evil) team win.


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