RUF Breck W. Conf. '07

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The OU RUF posse doing awkward. Not sure if my gimmick counts as awkward or something else...

Breckenridge sunset.

The Mexican Train was up and running.

Perhaps the greatest store in the West.

Mountain Woman.

Mr. Loeffler clearing the 'Burban's windows on the morning we left Breck. The snow was abundant.

Outside the condo.

This is what we drove through on Friday morning to get out of the 'Ridge. Thanks Jeff and Tim and Doug for driving. I wouldn't have wanted to...

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  • Anonymous said...'> 10:24 AM

    Chubby! I tried giving you a call the day you and Brittney left for Breck-town but.....your girthy and overwhelming waistline must have completely blocked out all incoming cell phone signals. Hope you guys are having fun rolling around in the snow. Please bring some back.