A bite from The Apple

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Spent the last few days craning our necks, snapping our cameras and demoralizing our walking parts. Oh, and filling our guts with sundry vittles (some good, some decent).
There are about 14,000 more where these came from, but I'll just give you four for now. Ciao from out East.

Ground Zero panoramic. Weird, quiet, empty, expansive, untelling, hole-like. And many others too.

Dan tearing into a street-side dog.

Dan liked the Hello Kitty thingies. Must be an Asian thing...

I first-handedly surveyed the bones from one of my greatest phobias — dinosaurs (you think I'm joking). The American Museum of Natural History has lots of scary skeletons, though. Thankfully no nightmares reported since the bony encounter.

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    Good thing you didn't stay there after closing...things wake-up there don't you know. Glad you are enjoying your treck!