Ain't No Trip to Cleveland

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Well, the first 1,000 miles of the trip are under our belts (and rumps). I'd have to say the drive from Norman to Cleveland isn't a scenic wonderland, but we managed like any dynamic duo can. In the end I think it was the Toto that got us through. HOLD THE LINE! LOVE ISN'T ALWAYS ON TIME!!! OH WHOA WHOA!!!

But we pulled in to Cleveland 'round Midnight with a case of shell-shocked stares and a code yellow body funk. Eighteen hours of life in the car will gift that to you.

And road trip nutrition is always a curious affair. For example, yesterday I subsisted exclusively on these things:

Trail Mix
Ice Cream
Gum (to ward off fatigue)

It's not a diet to brag to mum about, but a roadwarrior does what he's gotta do, you know? And I'm sure there'll be more sumptuous culinary delights in the miles ahead (see below).

Illini driving. They say Illinois is the Land of Lincoln, and that may be true. BUT, I'd say it's actually the land of road kill. About eight deer and 'coons galore on the interstate sidelines. Remnants of impact slaughterings. Helped make up for the sorta redundant, numbing landscape though.

YAY! Only eight hours left...pass me the Kombucha, Dan, it's gonna be a long haul...

Trail mix posture. Finding the happy place.

Cap'n Ling at the helm.

I-71 toward Cleveland. Soo dark. Soo tired.

Got to wake up to this though! Waffley, syrupy bliss. I think this speaks a lot about our lovely hosts. Thanks, Mik and Joe.

Today there will be lots of eating, a trip to Lake Erie and perhaps a Trader Joe's visit. WOH. I like Cleveland a lot already. Until next time, hold your trail mix and remember that things could be worse — you could be a dead deer on Illinois' I-70. And that's a lot to be thankful for, I think.

4 Responses to 'Ain't No Trip to Cleveland'

  •'> 9:50 AM

    Hmm...are you driving with your knee while you eat that trail mix? I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that :-) Enjoy your trip and be safe! Que Dios los acompane!

  • jules said...'> 4:44 PM

    Wow...does that bring back memories? haha...I remember making that drive, so I totally feel ya on the fatigue. Happy traveling and can't wait to see you!

  • Sam Negus said...'> 12:10 AM

    It is a literal trip to Cleveland.

  • Laura Negus said...'> 12:14 PM

    Wait, how is that car diet different from your usual diet? No yogurt pretty much?