Roll Out

In a few short hours my main man Dan-O and I will roll out.

And where are we going you ask?

Good question.

We're rolling up and out on what will take shape as this year's version of The Adventures of John and Dan, with this chapter weighing in as J&D’s Northeastern Gallivant Extraordinaire.

You see, Dan is graduating in December and heading back to his Singaporian island city across the world shortly thereafter. So, in many ways this represents our last hoorah until one of us travels very far to visit the other.

But that's all doom and gloom. There are high times immediately ahead. It's a happy occasion.

And I'll not hype it too much here, but just tell you to keep an eye out for some riveting travel blogging action coming soon. CAN YOU HANDLE THAT?

Oh, and here's our itinerary of the extravaganza (about 3,500 miles all told), and some photos from last year's Singaporian Odyssey, to wet your whistle.

Full steam ahead, Cap'n Ling.

J&D’s Northeastern Gallavant Extraordinaire

May 30 – Leave Norman for Cleveland
May 31 – Spend day in Cleveland
June 1 – Travel to New Jersey/NYC
June 2-3 – Spend time in NJ/NYC
June 4 – Partial day in NJ/travel to Philly
June 5 – Spend time in Philly/Princeton, NJ
June 6-7 – Travel to Boston, spend time in Boston
June 8-9 – Travel to Portland, spend time in Portland
June 10 – Drive through Fryeburg, ME then drive to Hanover, NH
June 11-12 – Spend time in Hanover, NH
June 13 – Travel to Cleveland
June 14 – Travel to Norman


1 Response to 'Roll Out'

  • Lauren said...'> 2:11 PM

    JStu! Your trip sounds super fun, but I must ask, are you really going all the way to Portland? That seems like a long haul, but if you figure out how to do it in a day, clue me in. :)

    P.S. Your blog makes me laugh, and that waffle makes me hungry. PEACE!