Charlotte, NC

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Well, this post finds me in the heart (right ventrical region) of the broader Charlotte area. And it's good to be in the upper Carolina I have to say. Somewhere fresh. And a new state to my list of been-to's (I think I'm up to 27 total now). Woo Hoo!

But the mission org application proceedings are going smoothly, not unlike a glass of iced sweet tea (bet your bacon grease it's been in quick supply here. welcome to the South, ya'll). And my thunder!, everything I've eaten so far has been delicious too. These folks know how to do down-home vittles right. Good food. Nice people. Pretty scenery. I guess that's why people live in the South, yeah? And maybe something about college football. But I won't go there...goodness...

Anyway, in addition to thoroughly enjoying myself and seeing how I could help out these nice folks here in the media (geek) office, the scenery especially grabs my attention. So here are a few shots of my local wanderings. I thought these would be more interesting than a class shot of people talking about support raising.

So, welcome to North Carolina, ya'll...

The office where I'd work. Geek Headquarters is down on the lower level of the right side there.


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  • Ashtin Hoverman said...'> 10:54 PM

    Hello :)
    This will be really random, so please just follow me for a sec.

    I went to Costa Rica in July of this past year to an orphanage outside of San José. I absolutely fell in love with the kids at the group home in the short time I was there (all of 3 hours or something like that). Anyway, I have been searching the net for MONTHS, literally, to find this orphanage in some way. I happened to stumble across your blog today and recognized some of the kids in your archived posts (I too have pictures of two of the girls in their "I have a black belt in keepin it real" shirts!) and, needless to say, I am ecstatic to find someone else who has experienced firsthand how awesome those kids are.

    So, my question for you: do you know of the orphanage's address or a phone number or anything like that? I am looking to send support to them, but have no way of doing so. I didn't think to ask the translator I was with where we were or much of anything, (probably because I was too busy crying when we left)so I was left with simply a few pictures and memories of the kids.

    Any additional information you may have on the home would be great if its not too much to ask. If you know anything, please reach me by email:

    Thanks, & Dios te Bendiga :)

  •'> 10:35 AM

    Hey John - what a beautiful area! By the way - prayers the direction of Lalo - the policia came and grabbed his passport yesterday - some visa issues - of course we think it's something completely made-up. That's all I've heard, nothing more. But prayers his way would be great!

  • peachesandplums said...'> 12:34 AM

    spent 3 great years in raleigh. it's a most gorgeous area. dogwoods and ladyslippers. best wishes.