Sometimes We Get Stuck

~At the clinic getting a physical for the Army on Tuesday morning~

The words poured over me like so many bitter herbs. A figurative acid in the eyes and sucker punch to the gut. Anxiety levels peaked.

Nurse: "Okay, well, let's go ahead and draw your blood and get this thing over with..."

~several minutes later, post sanitizing arm~

Nurse: "Okay, so you'll feel a little stick."

OH! MY! GOSH!, I screamed on the inside.

~needle inserting vein on my right arm. 20 seconds elapse~

Nurse: "Okay, how are you doing?"

Me (losing consciousness): "Yeah, not so good."

~moments later, coming out of anxiety-induced fainting spell to observe room full of nurses and doctor~

Doctor (putting ice pack down my shirt): "Yeah, you'll be okay. Just wait a few minutes and then they'll try sticking you again."

~exit doctor~

~enter original nurse~

Nurse: "Yeah, I tried to get enough blood the first time, but you passed out too soon. I'M GOING TO HAVE TO STICK YOU AGAIN." (emphasis added)

~roll ominous/hopeless music. cue curtain. fade to black~


Editor's Note: I realize I have problems/phobias. And it seems to be getting worse. Oy! Vey! Two fainting spells in the last two needle sticks.

Getting stuck sucks. Can I just live in the Star Trek world with the needle-less shots? Please, take me there. I beg you. Beam me up.

2 Responses to 'Sometimes We Get Stuck'

  •'> 9:17 AM

    Oh dear a nurse...I really can sympathize with your "issue"...but of course on the other end. My favorite story is when I was starting an IV on a little baby, and the mother passed out on the other side of the gurney. By myself, I managed to grab her shirt before she crashed to the floor, gently slide her down, AND save the IV! So, I understand your dilemna - just wonder if some bio-feedback wouldn't help?! Let me know how the next one goes...can I assume you don't give blood?! Just kidding. So sorry my friend, but I'm smiling anyway :-) (is that bad of me?!)

  • David Caldwell said...'> 2:20 AM

    I, for one, commend your bravery in publicly acknowledging your needle phobia. Take solace in the fact that I have been a life long needle- induced passer-outer and am only recently strong enough to acknowledge and embrace it. Note: it doesnt get better with age, sorry cuz. I passed out again in February. I guess we can chalk this up to genetics? Gran must have carried the recessive needler gene...