One Week, Two Birthdays

Well, as the calendar tells the story, there are two individuals in my family with birthdays in the lovely month of May. Mama Stu and The Fatman, respectively. So, this is a little late making the blog, but in any case, happy birthday(s), ya'll.

Birthday peeps (Mom and Bro).

Apply, creamy celebratory goodness.

Rainy day gift.

The Fatman, basking in thirty-something's delight. Birthday boy proverb: "Once you get past thirty, it's basically all the same." Something to look forward to I guess...

Nephew No. 2 liked the glowsticks. Parents read: inexpensive entertainment for your children lasting multiple HOURS.

And Papa Stu, willingly providing a leg to swing from...

2 Responses to 'One Week, Two Birthdays'

  • jules said...'> 9:24 AM

    Your bro is a Sox fan? How interesting...He's takin' it back to his New England roots.

  • Wade said...'> 2:54 PM

    It sorta looks like your dad is kicking Josh in the junk...
    and drinking alcohol...
    both of which are impossible, I know; but I guess with the right kind of photojournalism, one could tell any story he wanted to....