Boston Town

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I have to say Boston is my fav city so far on Road Trip '08. And it's my favorite by a long shot really. You die hards can keep your swarming Manhattan. Seriously. I'll take a city that's actually accommodating.

So yeah, I'd have to say Boston fits like a glove. Pretty clean, picturesque, historic, sporty people, good public transportation, bike lanes. Everything you could ask for in a metropolitan area really. Oh, and a troupe of decent pro sports clubs, it seems.

So Dan-O and I walked everywhere and back again today. Eating and shooting our way across town. And the Swedes in our hostel are quite amusing. All 42 of them, all boozin' and tight-jeaning it all the way. Euro style.

"Yoo a'here a'wisiting Bosstawn?" they asked.

"Yep, just checking things out, old school. You know," we answered.

And then they gave us some stout G & Ts and whisked us into the clubbing pre-game in progress down the hall. I'd tell you who we met but of course their names never stuck. Ah...the hostel life. It's such a grab bag. Never know what you're gonna get.

Go Red Sox.

We came into town on game night. Beantown is choice.

Harvard Bridge walking toward Cambridge, Mass, across the Charles.

We stumbled upon our second Ivy League campus of the road trip in Cambridge. Dan was a Harvard alum in another life. And weren't we all? Hail, Veritas.

Near H-vard. Bonus points for the birdie.

They seem kinda fanatical about their gates/fence ironworks there at Harvard. Maybe some kind of trust/insecurity issues...

Lamenting my Harvard career that never was in the pervasive and all-telling ivy. Oh, the ivy...

Boston harbor near the North Side.

Ol' Joe sleeping it off.

Boston Commons park.


Duck pic from Dan's perspective.

What I got.

Having a dip in the Charles. Glorious on a steamy New England afternoon.

Transporation on the Charles.

Next stop Uncle Reuben's in Portland, ME. Can you say LOBSTER BAKE?

5 Responses to 'Boston Town'

  •'> 9:03 AM

    Ahhh...there are so many countries I've been to that have blessed my heart - but there are so many cities in the good ol' U.S. that I've never made it to - Boston being one of them. Looks like an incredible time! Glad you enjoyed your hostel stay :-)

  • jules said...'> 11:29 AM

    I don't know what I think about all this Harvard talk. snobs. Just wait until you visit Dartmouth. ;)

  • thomas said...'> 1:54 PM

    that last picture looks like anywhere BUT Boston.

  • SoonerZoom said...'> 6:30 PM

    Haha that duck is great

  • Lori said...'> 8:55 AM

    Hey, we have ivy. In fact, I have a pic of you lounging against it. Much like this one only more tough, less desperate.