More from the archives

I've been scanning a bunch of pictures onto my computer lately, for ease of storage and increased longevity. Hence the influx of old pics...

Tipping it back at the lake. This was on my aunt's boat near Nashville (c. 1997). Yeah, I was pretty crazy back in my middle-school days...

Your typical Royal Bavaria outing of a few years ago. Good times.

Mi hermano, c. 1996. I think this was taken on the first date my brother and his now wife went on. Can anybody verify this?

Molly fetching a bumper on the shores of majestic Lake Thunderbird.

This is a picture from the first roll of film I ever took with my old Canon AE-1. That camera got me interested in photography. And it still takes great pictures.

My family used to dogsit for this beast. Also known as Gwen. She was as endearing as she was ugly. She would eat anything. All the food groups. I watched her eat cherry tomatoes off the vine in my backyard. And sadly she died because of this trait. She ate aluminum foil. Very tragic. The body doesn't like such digestives...

The artsy trombone shot. I shot and developed this one myself. Firehouse Art Center baby...

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  • Brittany said...'> 9:51 AM

    This is your mad html?? Looks like Della's... I WANT A PUG!!

  • Laura Negus said...'> 10:49 PM

    naw, I'm thinking Aaron's just in high school in that one. Note: lack of accumulated fat.