Army Jazz

The U.S. Jazz Ambassadors were in OKC on Saturday. They are the top-tier, professional jazz ensemble of the army, based out of D.C. My army band sponsored the event, acting as ushers and for the fortunate ones, parking lot "security." I scored that job and stood around in the parking lot for an hour before the concert, chatting with my four fellow "security officers" while the other band members were tearing tickets and showing people where to sit. Score.

It proved an amazing show though. Much better than the Chair Force's Airmen of Note ensemble when I heard them a few years ago.

These Ambassador guys are good. Rockin' 'bones, squealing trumpets, grooving rhythm section. The real deal. It would be pretty cool to play in a group like this. They play for Prez inaugurations and travel a lot. Cross the country, overseas. The whole bit. Not a bad gig. If you can hack it. Unfortunately, I can't.

I think a bigger flag would really accent their stage presence. This one's just not quite big enough...


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  • Aaron Stuart said...'> 8:39 PM

    Will Ferrell's got nothing on that jazz flute.

    The crowd really looks wild and I bet that giant flag really drove the Army Band Groupies wild.