This is Deb, everyone. She's from Maine. Pretty cool, huh? But I'll explain.
Every Thursday there are some students from a Spanish language institute in San Jose who come and help out with the kids in La Carpio. And so I met Deb this week. She's new here. Only been in CR for a few weeks. And yes, she's from Augusta, Maine. The capital of with 30,000 peeps. Anyway, it was cool to meet a Mainer, especially here in CR. We talked Maine things. She's heard of the town I lived in when my fam called the Pine Tree State home. But everyone has heard of everywhere up there. It's small.
So that's that. Deb's nice. Go Maine.

p.s. my hair is longer than it's been in four years. thank you uncle sam. obviously i have to keep it growing to see what kind of head foliage I can amass. i'll keep you posted.

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