Not your grampy's Horned Frogs

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It's always nice in fandom to have a good backup. Your go-to team that's a good rebound when your No. 1 is down and/or out. Turns out TCU might be my rebound this year (how dare you judge me)

But I've been strongly pressured in this direction in recent years by the family addition of two TCU super-fan bros-in-law. And maybe, just maybe, I finally drank the Kool-Aid this past weekend. Dang that peer pressure...

So it was that we enjoyed a good-ol butt whoopin of UNLV at the hands of a very impressive TCU unit. With my Sooners riding the comparative BCS short bus I'm okay having a backup Purple and White hip-flask to go with my Crimson and Cream coozy...

But anyway, here are several photos with which you may wet your whistle. It was a great game and weekend. Go Frogs. Boo Iowa...and Cincinnati.

Yeah!!!!....yet another touchdown as we run up the score on a lackluster team!!!

Homemade ingenuity. Poor Frogs, can't get any love with their Mountain West caste. Somebody needs to call the ACLU...

Yeah band! Sorry, I had to, it's in the fine print. These guys rocked a halloween Thriller show though. They did the dance on field and everything. Super bandee envy!

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  • Anonymous said...'> 2:59 PM

    John! The Pride rocked to Thriller Saturday as well, complete with sparkly silver glove on Jason Marshall, drum major. Oh, and with the help of the Alumni Band! As the announcer said, "...from 18 to 80!" Debra

  • dinah bess said...'> 4:05 PM

    Yay frogs! Can't wait to actually attend a game again. Love that train whistle!