The West Point of life

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Visited my old school peeps this weekend who're living near West Point now, playing in the bands at yon venerable U.S.M.A. A quick sampling of the weekend's revelries here below. But our gathering seemed to be somewhat more subdued this time, as we're all a bit older, there's now a child(!) in the mix and, well, 11 p.m. bed times seem to be a hard habit to break, even on Labor Day weekends. Great to see the ol Pals and what they're lives are like now, though. Thankful I got to visit pre-Singapore blast off. The internets are good, but nothing like seeing a place in person, no? Iffn's ya fancy a visit to the Hudson River Valley, ye shant ramble away disappointed for vistas.

But moving on from scenery, we found plenty of vittles to wrap our gums around. Took a trip down to Jersey to visit Mitsuwa, a land of Japanese Milk and Honey, it was fabled. That is, a market and food court of decadent proportions. Here we are looking COOL with the Hudson and Upper West Side of Manhattan in the background.

Baby on board. Quinn really got into the spirit of things at the Japanese smorgasbord, even though (sadly) she isn't into "solid foods" yet. *moment of silence* I think she has a lot of chubby potential though, considering her parental roots (viz. the woman behind her). 

Rook so good! Eel sushi with plain soba noodles and dipping sauce. All for about $10. Not too bad considering it's near NYC. Great Asian ambiance though. Had to fight for a table among the throng and weave through the ingesting hordes to find a place. Good times.

What was left. *gasps* 'He didn't finish the sushi!!!,' they exclaimed in unison terror. Fear not, brave readers, that's one grenade worth falling on, in the name of caloric honor everywhere. I cracked my knuckles and shouted 'SAVE YOURSELVES' while moving in for final jabs with the 'sticks and wasabi.

Thus concludes adventure snapshot No. 1. Please turn the tape over...

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  • Mikki said...'> 11:21 AM

    ohhhhh...the fooooood....the delicacies.....

    *off to rummage the cupboard*