(Note: finally settled on a new blog look, if you didn't notice. cheers to the newness. hope you enjoy it. same RIVETING content, different clothes)

Had the grand fortune of celebrating my and Xz's recent bdays at Singapore's newish Marina Bay Sands. Got some staff rate hookups through people at work for an overall great time.

Fun facts about MBS:
-57 stories
-Four years to build at cost of $5.5 billion. Grosses a paltry $1 billion in profits annually.
-Largest public cantilevered structure in the world.
-My fav - 25 cm of allowable wind sway at the top(!) and 60 cm of allowable seismic sway (to answer my dad's question of "wouldn't it just topple over in an earthquake?" seems someone along the line thought of that one. can't get anything past these engineers!)

Here's to closing down what has been an eventful, transitory year and moving in to my 27th with so many haps on the books to come. Got a bevy of blessings in the cornucopia this year, Mammy. Ain't that the truth.

Run an' tell that, homeboy.

MBS looms.
Infinity pool. Pretty remarkable. The Singaporeans were "cold" at the top in what couldn't be less than 75 degree (23 C) temps. Funny. To their defense, it was super windy at the top.

Ling sibs aquatically posting up.

Spectacular views.

Downtown Singapore

And wouldn't you know it - Milt just happened to pop in for the festivities, in Gandalf-esque fashion. Can't keep him from a good time, that one.

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  • Mikki said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2010/12/57-story-dip.html?showComment=1292807013582#c4756730159301018067'> 7:03 PM

    Infinity pool no more....once..*ahem...a certain someone decided to jump in.

    Diggin' the new layout!