In Fort Worth, Texas they have somewhat of a epic in the making.

Thus, from what's one of the feel-good gridiron stories of the year, I bring you some first-hand photo documentation.

It's true the BCS is full of self-serving pundits who are even more power hungry than they are money mongrels (which is surprising).

And this year, like those in the past, Gary Patterson's Horned Frogs are suggesting these pundits (among other things) are full of crap.

And so it seems TCU didn't conquer the world with guns this season. But they just might've done it with a flawless string of peals in the "W" category.

And, now that our Sooners trounced Oklahoma State last week, it seems likely the BCS Buster Bus will pick up a few more wayward chillens before dropping decisively down upon the post-season pundit park.

I can only hope there's chaos aplenty and many an ogreish oath spoken in backlash of "the system."

OU's not playing for anything spellbinding, so it's a pointedly good year to churn the bowl-game pot, no?

Of course you agree.

But here's a sampling from the TCU v. Utah game of yesterweeks. Bro-in-law Sam scored me a sideline photography pass, in keeping with the finest bro-in-law form. (Rule, Britania!)
Look for some more pics of the game to follow shortly.

Push em back, push em back, waaaayyy back.

Sam and Laura, relishing the post-game nostalgia.

A piercing message.

Better warm up the bus, Utah...

1 Response to 'Dear BCS, I'll have the buster please...'

  • Laura Negus said...'> 9:11 AM

    To the guys in the middle photo, I think the BCS demands both of their first & last born sons. And then will say, "Naw, just kidding you get to play Boise again."