Not your grampy's snow storm


I think this pretty much sums up the wintry onslaught that was rent upon the American Heartland this past week. While there was much weeping and gnashing of sundry masticators, one must also say it was more fun than a great many barrels of primates. Tami won the style award, as you can tell. Good show, I say.

It's not every day you get 14 inches of powder with gale force winds to boot. At least not in Sooner country. Thankfully my Wyoming training kicked in and I knew exactly what to do. It involved cursing, among other warmth-saving measures. But I'm sworn to Cowboy State secrecy with the rest, so I can't divulge here. You just have to go there to learn yourself...

Happy sledding, e'erbody. Yo ho ho and a bottle o' Nog.

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