The Chouse

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I have lived in Norman for about 18 years. This is a long time. And as a Normanite I've always been interested in The Chouse — the church/house on Boyd Street near Chautauqua Avenue. It used to be a church, but a number of years ago someone converted it into a house.

Last week I got to traipse every dog-hair covered inch (the owners have 12 dogs) of the 1926 structure while on assignment for Boyd Street (it's a glamorous life, really). The inside is pretty cool. The walls are 18 inches thick and the last church service was held there on Easter Sunday in 1979. I can't imagine what the heating bills are like for the place, but it's a smidge more interesting than the other college cribs I'm accustomed to documenting.

This door is from a church in Oklahoma City that was damaged during the April 19 bombing. The Chouse owners purchased it sometime after the bombing and slapped it up inside their own churchy digs. The door has a massive crack running down the length of it from the bombing concussion. Kinda creepy...

One of twelve canines that reside at The Chouse. The Missus of the family works at Second Chance Animal Sactuary and apparently has a soft spot for old, mangy pups that don't have a home. I don't remember this one's name.

(photos copyright Boyd Street Magazine)

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  • keely steger said...'> 2:04 PM

    Very cool! I must say, my curiousity has always been piqued by the Chouse as well. Thanks for posting these!

  • dinahbess said...'> 2:30 PM

    Wow, what a cool place to live! I didn't even know it was a house, I thought it was still a church. I am so out of the Norman loop.