It recently has come to my attention that the awesomest rock band of the 80s (that regrouped only months ago after 20 painful years apart) is going to be performing in Dallas in June.

Since a young age of 16 years this trio has occupied a special place in the 80s music portion of my heart (and it's pretty crowded in there -- Toto, Paul Simon, Huey Lewis and the News, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, etc). And basically I really want to be at this concert. How powerful would it be to hear Sting belt out Every Breath you Take and to hear ol' Stewart Copland shred it up on Message in a Bottle? These are life changing experiences, people.

They play on June 26-27. It costs $50-60. Can I get some sidekicks? I'm sending out an S-O-S...

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  • jules said...'> 11:18 PM

    I want to go so badly!!! They're even going to be in Paris, but it's after I get back to Norman! :( so sad!!! You know I would be there, if I weren't out o' the country. I'm thinking about seeing them in Toronto in November. It would be like an 8 hour drive, though. no good...