Red & White action

With Lent coming to a close I'm back on the blogging scene. And it's good to be back. Thought I'd kick off the action afresh with some pics from Saturday's scrimmage. I would offer some type of football analysis here with thoughtful insights into how our team performed and what we can expect in terms of a team showing in the fall, but I have a problem. That problem is that I basically don't know anything technical about football. Thankfully one doesn't have to be in the know to capture an American football game with a camera. I'd be up a creek if this were the case...

At any rate, some shots from the scrimmage:

The Bob offering some polite words of wisdom to a pair of eager-to-learn troops.

2006 Big 12 Championship ring, as seen on the hand of former quarterback Paul Thompson.

Shout out to my 'bones.

If Owen Stadium is a temple then this man is the High Priest.

Our friend Adrian hamming it up for the networks and sporting some bling that really blings.

(photos copyright Boyd Street Magazine)

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  • Mikki said...'> 10:44 PM

    Yaaaay! It's so great to see pics up on your blog again! Keep 'em coming Chubbs.