Mas fotos de la boda

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A few more snaps from my sis' wedding. Perhaps this is not overly interesting to you, as would be the case if it weren't my sister/familia. That's okay. Might I just direct you here for something a bit more entertaining in lieu of these photos.

I wanted to get a few more bridal shots in the mix. The photog guy posed my sis the whole time and I just stepped in here and there to get my own shots. Thus:

"There ain't no swimmin' in my show!"

Wedding chapel, pre-ceremony. The folks seated represent the entire wedding party. Nice and simple. Not such a bad idea I was thinking to myself. Almost effective as the under-used elope. Though certainly less of a haul in the wedding gift booty department with either option. Hmm...decisions decisions...

Man and wife, say man and wife!

wardrobe malfunction...

Bro Aaron moving in for some sweet, sweet lovin from sis-in-law Laura. I missed their anniversary back in August amid moving to Wyoming, but they celebrated 10 years of being hitched Aug. 8. Woohoo! I offer my late congrats, as only a younger brother can.

The Fatman grows weary of photo-making, turning to his Apple side-arm to procure tip-of-the-finger Nascar updates. Laura is rightfully unimpressed.

A & L with our hotel diggs. Pretty nice, Clark...

If my brother were on a single's web site, this would be his profile pic. "Classy and yet spiritual, a moderate hipster looking for love within the pew and without..." (that one's for free, bro. next one will cost ya)

classic negus. (note: TCU tie)

and of course, requisite scenery photos. you didn't think you'd get out of here without some, surely...

Back to Wyoming. A dash of snow on Pikes Peak as seen on I-25 northbound through The Springs. Oh those I love thee...

2 Responses to 'Mas fotos de la boda'

  • Susanna said...'> 8:53 AM

    Great pics John... I've been waiting for the bride herself to blog, or even the Negus (classic pic of him BTW)... I should have known to come straight here!

  • Susanna said...'> 8:55 AM

    whoops! I should have said - CONGRATULATIONS Mr & Mrs. Dr Alex (I'm not to sure how to spell - or pronounce - their actual surname, so I'm thinking Dinah's new name should in fact be 'Mrs. Dr. Alex')!