Working in the Coal Mine


I got a tour of a local coal mine this week by means of being a group photographer for a mine corporation tour. Did you know Wyoming has the largest surface coal mining operations in the world? I didn't. It's not overly interesting by my watch, but it makes the state a crap-ton of dinero, and that's the the gospel T (the mine I toured grosses $445 million per month. no lie, bra).

But I'm tired so I'll give you more tour photos later, after some pillow time and a Wednesday at the office. If it seems I've been less than forthcoming with textually denser posts, it's largely because my writing duties have pressed me toward other harbors (i.e. writing 70 percent of this week's paper).

But I can't be sarcastic in my city council stories, so don't worry. There will always be an outlet here, my sandbox of personal media sanctuary, where there's no attribution necessary and deadlines are kept in a lock box full of scorpions (a la the movie Hook).

So it's a good setup for the both of us. You dig, Player?

Straight up. Fa'reel.

4 Responses to 'Working in the Coal Mine'

  • Molly said...'> 10:10 AM

    You sure you don't want to be a coal miner? That vest sure is snazzy...

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 6:14 PM

    Jean Picture. Jean Picture. Jean Picture.

  • Laura Negus said...'> 11:43 PM

    Did you have one of the Party members take that pic?

  • dinah bess said...'> 12:18 PM

    You could also double as a crossing guard with that vest. Just add white gloves and a stop sign.