Holy Baby Alpaca, Batman!

The weekend's on-call assignments included a few snaps at a nearby alpaca farm. I know, jealously is surging deep within your gullet, even this very instant! But if you can get your envious rage in check, perhaps you'll entertain a few pics of Fiona, a two-week old alpaca with her owner (the alpaca is the one on the right).

Some fun facts about alpaca wool:

-No lanolin residue like sheep's wool
-Hollow wool fibers wick away moisture
-Clothing designers prefer it second only to cashmere
-It costs about as much as a lung/kidney combo

Lo, Fiona, the alpaca. (the one on the right, remember. well, not the black one in the background, that's her mom. the one just to the right of the humanoid)

I guess they're in the camel familia, hence the HUGENORMOUS necks. And yes, they can also spit like grammy with a pack of thin-cut Red Man.

I have to say though, their wool is quite remarkable. Quite pleasant chaps to pet, too. Except the grumpy-pants spitting ones. But they're probably just mad that their wool is part of a multi-million world-wide industry and they're not getting a cut of their wooly labors. Just a guess.


only time will tell...

(in other news, i finally found a place to live, some two months after crash landing here. while it will be sad to leave my Wyoming host parents' basement, having my own batch pad will be kinda nice. no more toilet seat up v. down worries. more info/pics forthcoming)

2 Responses to 'Holy Baby Alpaca, Batman!'

  • Alexander said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2008/09/holy-baby-alpaca-batman.html?showComment=1222666260000#c6018455130021630327'> 12:31 AM

    Lanolin makes me think of Anchorman. Hehe. Alpacas are cute!

  • http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2008/09/holy-baby-alpaca-batman.html?showComment=1222693560000#c8801749678964043258'> 8:06 AM

    What can I say? He's just plane darn cute!